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My System Specs

Red face Um.. ya, that cruft might be counterproductive

slippy I had my H50 operative for 2.5mths before it started giving me trouble, but read on before you worry about that...

They got back to me with an RMA, but as Kapn suggested I'd have to put an Aircool on it while the H50 is on it's way back to CA.

I toyed with the idea of getting a hyper 212+ to do backup duty, but the danger with that is I may want to
keep the hyper, I've read great things about it and it would kill me if it proved to be better than my beloved H50

Despite the absence of noise the temps haven't gotten any better though so I took off the Radiator last night to check the dust levels and found a large amount of cruft....
We have 2 cats and a dog, no carpets but the pets cause a lot of dust.

I should have checked for dust immediately when the temps went up but the noise in the pump led me astray.

I'm not certain whether or not the heat from the blocked rad caused the air bubbles in the pump but I'm hoping that it was a transient thing.
I don't want to spend money and time dismantling this thing and RMAing it if it's going to behave from now on.

I'm going to add another fan and do a push/pull config and see if I can get the temps down further and do a stability test.
If that flies then I'll just ask them to cancel the RMA.

No use in them replacing the unit unnecessarily either.

Besides I've got over a year and a half in the guarantee if it does fail, then I have the fantastic instructions
and pics here saved in case I have to DIY after the fact...

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