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While we take the time to go over as many threads as possible we believe firmly in the intelligence of our readers and don't think we have to babysit them when they are making a transaction. It is up to the buyer to ask the pertinent questions (which are more likely the same ones as the MOD would be asking) which will ensure they get what they paid for.

We already make sure that there is the name of a member in writing next to the item they are selling. In some cases this can be substituted with seller references and a confirmation to a mod like was seen here:

FS: XFX 7900 GS XT w/ lifetime warranty - $80 obo

Us mods DO take personal involvement when we must and I believe this is the most we can do give each seller's / buyer's unique traits. If not, when a sale goes bad, all fingers would point at the mod who was "supposed" to screen the seller.
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