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Originally Posted by YukonTrooper View Post
Well, if you're coming from regular fans and you decide to go to 3000+ RPM fans you'll definitely see a drop of some kind. Are you looking for high RPM fans for case fans or for your CPU cooler or both? You say initially you want new fans for your cooler and then list standard RPM fans but then in other thoughts you say you want high RPM fans.
Generally they'll be for the cooler. Stock case fans on my Li-Li I'm happy with. If I do decide to upgrade to high RPM fans for the case I'll need to buy brackets since the fans are currently mounted in the HDD cages and won't accommodate a 38mm fan. I'll also need to replace the top panel since there's only 140mm mounts in the top panel.

In other words, I was only thinking of getting badass fans if I go with a single-tower cooler. I was thinking I can get away with looks over performance if I get dual-tower, since there's little availability of 140mm high RPM fans anyway PLUS I have an extra tower to play with. Whereas, if I go with single tower I'll "bite the bullet" and spring for higher performance rather, than looks, simply cos I can and I want.


I was considering an H70 to get my chip wet before I go for full-on watercooling. However, AFAIC, no self-contained loop will -EVER- be able to surpass the absolute raw cooling power a real full-blown loop holds. Regardless of what cooler I get for now, I'm getting a WC loop in the summertime. 'Till then, I want the best air cooling has to offer.
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