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My System Specs

Smile New Build

Case selection is such a subjective thing. I own the regular HAF X and have been very happy with it. Cheaper than the Nvidia case, yet the same except for colour.

Now SSD, I would consider buying the Vertex II. A bit cheaper yet still a great performer. Systems still don't use all of the available bandwidth/pcie lanes(?) capacity, not even close, so a V2 would still be more than enough.
Consider adding a WD Black or Samsung F3 sata 3 HDD for peripherals,storage,backup,...

The 2500K would be a good deal that can easily oc for you, for a bit less.

For psu, consider a Corsair or Silverstone modular. great psus. I think the 1000 is a bit high, but it leaves room for expansion/upgrades. One of the most important yet overlooked components for your system!

The motherboard I would choose would be Asus or gigabyte. Don't know too much about ASRock.

Ram wise, look at Mushkin, Patriot, or G Skill. Corsair is a bit pricey, but any lifetime warranty mem is usually pretty good.

Pricematch, and with any luck you could save enough on other components to get the 590!

Good luck with your selection, build and resulting system as I'm sure you'll be more than happy with it.
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