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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Moved to New Builds as per OP Request.

Personally i don't agree with some of the parts mentioned but we all have our preferences for motherboards, processors, etc for different price brackets
Agreed. I think the main thing is that while the builds might not be 100% "optimal", they're not "wrong". I.E. You wouldn't be disappointed with any of those choices.

Sure, he breaks down all the bits and bytes down below, but the final price categories and the ratings of how 'powerful' it is really don't tell you a good picture of what reality is like.
True, but it would be next to impossible to have performance figures for everything, hence the research is still required disclaimer. The only thing that the chart claims is that each step down the ladder will result in more performance than the previous step. Where the chart is really useful is if you have a set budget, it will give you a starting point for your research.

For example if the user does not OC but does use software that uses a lot of threads then the Core i7 2600 would be good but in that particular list I couldn't even find a Core i5 2500 or a Core i7 2600 in that list.
Agreed, it would be nice to include the 2500 and 2600, but again you really can't have every option on one chart without confusing beginners.

Another use for the chart is that if you're looking for a better video card, or faster processor, you can just make your way down the column and then do a little more research on those more powerful models (remembering to match processors with compatible motherboards of course). I think that would be pretty useful for beginners or people who have been out of the hardware loop for a while.
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