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Default So I Want A New Cooler...

And basically as far as choice goes it's between dual-tower ones like TR Silver Arrow/NH-D14 and single (more/less) tower ones like Prolimatech (anything "mega" with your choice of "super" prefix and/or "shadow" and "-halems" as suffix) and TR's Venomous-X, etc. etc. I'm upgrading from a V6GT which I broke (the means which are against my better judgement to say on a forum...). Yeah it was nice while it lasted but I WANT BIGGER/BETTER/FASTER. My i7 950 is already 4.2ghz at like 85C which is too high for me. I want 4.5 at 80. for 24/7. I gotta fold.

Dual-Tower Coolers:

TR Silver Arrow


- Dual tower, great performance. 'Nuff said.
- Silver Arrow has 70lbs. hold-down bolt like many single-tower coolers have.


- Frickin' BIG. Like BIG. I dunno if any will fit in my Li-Li PC-A77F
- I HATE HATE HATE NH-D14 POO FANS! I dont really like the Silver Arrow fans either.
- ^^ Reading reviews which say that fans which come with D14/Silv. Aro. fans are "most efficient" for respective cooler. Uh oh...

Other Thoughts:

- Basically buying any of these means needing to purchase better looking fans. Yeah, I'll pay for my stuff to look good. As far as fans go, they need to be plain or match black an' blue theme. I like these:

Xigmatek XLF-1454
Scythe KazeSomething or other.- Highest CFM, static pressure?
Gelid Wing 14 UV Blue

Single Tower Coolers:

Thermalright Venomous X
Megahalems Rev. B
Super Mega
Mega Shadow


- Pretty much guarantee'd it'll fit. Few exceptions.
- Tons of options as far as fans go...
- Some are black nickel plated. I liek.
- Some have


- Performance potentially not as high as dual-tower coolers. Remember I'm pushing i7 to limits.
- Can still be somewhat fugly.
- Like 90 different types of Prolimatech *Something* "Mega" *Something*

Other Thoughts:

- I wanna buy better fans, as usual. Naturally they're gonna be Deltas or something. Otherwise if I'm tempted enough I'll get Gelid Wing 12 or something. However, as for choices in badass fans:

Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000RPM
Delta 4000RPM PWM
Or This.

I would even consider looking into something like an H70 with some potentially better fans mounted on it. Basically I want the best cooler which shows its muscle at the highest overclocks. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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