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Default Selling area security

Hey guys.

I saw a thread in the buy/sell area that recently went awry. I feel bad for those affected, and I am also concerned about buying things from this place. I feel it'd be a good idea to beef up security, while not putting too much demand on the mods!

Over at OCForums, for example, they have a mod dedicated to the security of the sales section. He's great at what he does, and is always helping us (he's helped me a few times and I've always appreciated it). One thing they do is 'confirm' new sellers. The mod PMs them and asks for a few details on the item to verify that its infact real. This helps build trust with new sellers.

They also have a post requirement for the calssified section. You need at least 100 posts to post in there. I think thats a great idea, since it means we know the poster a little more before we buy items from them. Will it encourage spam? Not if done right.

And one more thing that we should encourage here at HWC is heatware. Heatware is a great method of verification, and having it is a definate bonus. I think we should encourage heatware in the rules as well as posting when asking for photos and stuff.

Anyway, just a few suggestions. Otherwise HWC is a great place! Glad it's around :)
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