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Default $1000 gaming pc

so im pretty new to the forums, although i have creeped here from time to time in the past. Im planning on building a new pc for $1000 thats centred around gaming. I used to build my own pcs back in 00-05, but since then school has takin over and i was a pretty poor college kid lol. But now i have some extra cash and would like to build a solid pc

about 2 months ago i built a very budget pc for $240 which included the amd athlon II x2 250 @3.0ghz, gigabyte ga-MA78LMT-S2, geforce gt 430, a seagate 500gb HDD and creative sound blaster x-fi extreme audio, oh and 4gigs of 1333mhz ram

the only thing im prob gonna keep from that build is the HDD and the ram, everything else will be new, so i was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on what hardware works well with each other and so on, ive been out of the game for so long everything feels so foreign now lol, any help would be appreciated.

also i would rather spend the money on a solid mobo and psu so i can upgrade easily later on if need be.

thx and peace
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