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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Yea, the big problem with these is that they do just popup and appear to have the close "x" and that is what most of our users see and think hey I will just close this, which of course is just clicking on the link that sends everything down to them. I keep telling them what MSE or forefront looks like if they do get a warning from them and that anything else is bad. They are told to stop and either call us if they don't know what to do or to use task manager and kill ie or ff or whatever browser is open. Or in the case of my family that got it I just said that if they can't figure out the task manager then just do a hard power off. Sure it is a little extreme, but it is still better than getting infected.

One other thing that I have seen this virus do, is it will hijack other functions of the machine. For example if you right-click on computer and select properties, it pulls up a fake action center. It also pulls that same fake action center screen up if you try to start your existing antivirus such as MSE or even Malwarebytes.

Then of course there is the browser redirecting that you have to watch out for if they are trying to find a tool to clean their machine.
Yup they will even go in and disable major functions like "Task Manager" so you can't even shut it down that way.
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