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day 10
disabled fingerprint it would work 10% of the time....irritating.
ringer volume is nice and loud, speakerphone much better than N1.
Battery life is 8 hours with mild use, i put it on charger with gps, and always plan for an afternoon charge if my day workload requires moderate to heavy call volume. (NOT AS ADVERTISED talk time)
Screen is great.
HTC sence is wwwwwway better. for example...just hitting search button and entering "mike"for example...on my N1 i would get mike number from my contacts AS WELL as google search iterations of mike.......not so with the atrix....I dont get local (contacts) results.
getting use to it.....will wait for update before i bitch some
dual 4870X2 xfired (750/1000)
8GB Corsair XMS DDR3 999-24@666
oc: 420x9 3.78Mhz
Coolit freezone Elite (cpu cooler)
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