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Default bypass motoblur

Originally Posted by ditka View Post
I purchased a bell atrix in Alberta. when I got back to sask i canceled my monthly contract. I got an unlock code online and when I installed my activated sastel sim i got no prompt for subsidy code only motoblur asking for name and password which i did and my phone works except for internet (wireless works).The tech at bell support says my phone should be locked and that the data part is locked and of course after 30 days and $75 they will give me an unlock code(which I have already) and instructions to unlock. My question is how to bring up subsidy code prompt or bypass motoblur. I cant get answers from anybody. Any suggestions?
a little unclear....
are you saying you unlocked a bell phone to then try to relock it to go back to bell????? i cant follow....

1. have you set your apn values? as my first post.
2. I went though the motoblur prompts and found a way out..i then got to settings then entered APN values,
I then rebooted phone and then unlocked it.

3. It wasnt untill a couple days later I bothered to sign up for motoblurcrap.
4.get the APN entries from bell tech support.
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