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Originally Posted by blaznazn22 View Post
Specifically, the overclocking potential, the power consumption and temperatures on the 6950 1gb are much better in the review posted by techgage. I can understand why the overclocking can differ from card to card but I don't understand how the heat and power usage could also be so different. I heard that the 6950 1gb cards had revised PCB's a while back, so could this be the reason why the 6950 1gigs did so differently? If that is the case then the original review would be inaccurate and I think that a re review should be done. Especially now that the older PCB's are already depleted and no longer being sold. What do you guys think?
Every review is naturally different in the three points you listed.

First of all, overclocking potential can vary wildly from sample to sample while power consumption really depends on the system used along with the application running to load the GPU. Temperatures will be affected by ambient conditions so you can't necessarily draw parallels between two different results there either.

You may have "heard" that 1GB cards received revised PCBs but that isn't the case. There are still plenty of products out there with the reference PCB but some AiBs have released non reference designs with custom heatsinks. Naturally, those will give completely different results.

In short, we won't be re-reviewing it since our results are still accurate.
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