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My System Specs

Default From Q6600 to Sandy Bridge

So this all started with a simple step-up from a GTX 460 to a GTX 580. This of course made me want to do a full upgrade.

Before the new parts:

Here are all the new parts (no the cat was not part of the upgrade)

First picture after getting everything installed.

Definitely a much cleaner look than before.

Nice look at the 580, now I just need a second one for SLI.

Here we can see the led code, power and reset buttons. Plus there is the Asus that is lite up, the thing is I don't even remember reading about that. I'm sure I did but I don't recall. Either way it is a nice touch.

And with this you can see one of the reasons I wanted the deluxe, the front usb 3 ports. I do think it matches really well with the front of my case.

So that is it for upgrades for the time being. I know I am thinking of another 580, but food, rent, clothes for the kids, etc. just have to come first.
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