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My System Specs


Well seeing as to how I was the reviewer and not SKY, I think you can rest easy continueing to read his reviews

That said, I'll gladly take the time to address your points. I can only suspect you are one of the individuals of the focus group that had input on this case given your vigorous defence of it.

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
Wow. A case that offers so much for a small market

Such a BS rerview.

Reviewer's words are in quotations.

"Giving HOPE that installation will be hassle free" as opposed to

Installation on the X antec/name brand computer WILL be hassle free.
This sentence was before I installed the components in the video, why would I say installation was hassle free, if I haven't yet done it? I later go on to commend the H2 for its interior layout, and applaud them for having an interior layout that was very easy to work with.

I believe I even specifically say "there is very little to gripe about".

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
"It cleans up quite nicely and does it quite easily".

Ok then why do you complain later about cable managment.

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post

"It pushed the motherboard tray in slightly for plenty of room in the back and they've provided a great natural cable storage area in behind the harddrive bays."

Seems pretty smart and good to me for a company to do that in this category of case.
Again, I'm pretty sure this is a positive..... I don't see what your complaint is here?

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
"Despite that it looks like a rats nest"....

IT DOES? Where? From the back side that you just commented on? Or from the front? Or did you just want to say rats nest? Have you seen a computer with the back panel off?
Yes, my cabling looks like a rats nest (I do this purposefully to test a case) and the fact that the NZXT H2 made it possible to fit the sidepanel on with such a mess at the back is a positive point!

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
"Just don't ask us to add any hardware"...

No? Because I could have sworn you said what you said above. You said it had good cable management and plenty of room. You know what adding hardware means right? You know what a computer is... right? Tons of space inside and behind? uhh... you know... nevermind.
You may have misinterpreted this, I was poking fun at my own poor cabling.
And thank you, after building, what I would estimate close to 300+ systems, I hope to one day find out what a computer is.

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
"The silent PC market has very few contenders"

Yeah. It does. And this brings amazing features that YOU mentioned to a market with barely any contenders. They go above and beyond to bring a product that is good to this market instead of insulating a pos NZXT case with "sound retardant foam", They made a brand new case with all these awesome features at a discount price.

"Easy access, quiet operation, the polished look and good value"

Ok? I agree? Realize you did say this. Thennn you go on...

"Had the company been willing to develop the key features of the case, consumers would be willing to pay for it"

Wait... what did you just say? Did you even watch your review? The paint from the plastic front to the side panel?.... OK? that happens with 100 dollar times X cases... that happens with very expensive cases... I doubt that's a huge concern. These silent cases are probably away from view.
It does have very few contenders, and the front runners have very strong products, with a heavy focus on what the consumers of silent PCs want... silence! (I kill you?)

Here's a question for you.... what amazing features?

USB 3.0? That's not amazing, that's something every manufacturer is doing and should be standard. Hell, with the elcheapo out the back method, I can set that up on any case for a couple of bucks.

An interior layout that actually works? That's not amazing, that's generally expected.

A hotswap system? Sure, its a nice feature, if it didn't ruin the smooth professional exterior design with an industrial looking bulb of plastic on the top. Not to mention it completely nullifies any use of the easy access front drive bay system. They had a perfectly natural setup at the front for hotswap, and yet they added a separate system at the top that does more harm than good.

Touch powered fans? Again, great idea, but as I mention below.... what purpose do they serve? Why am I paying for them if they don't offer me anything unique aside from being a cool feature? If you want easy access to fan filters, there are a dozen other ways to do that from the front, without twisting your hard drives around, and creating a unique fan power system.

Sound dampening foam. Brilliant, noise reduction, that's exactly what the consumers this case is marketed to is looking for! Oh... no wait, we have foam.. glued to metal sides......ya, pure Einstein right there.

Office centric/Professional design?To NZXT's credit, the design is so almost there. I thought the aluminium front panel plate and chrome accent was perfect. The metal powercoat was well done, but then you have this giant wound of a hot swap cover (that it doesn't need), with a texture on it, (and the fan cover) that doesn't match ANYTHING on the exterior. Top that off with blotchy plastic paint at the front.

Just because a case is low cost, doesn't mean a case has to LOOK cheap, which is what poorly painted and discoloured, spotty plastic does.

You see my point about things feeling under developed?

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
Did you read or hear what you said at all in that review, reviewer?
No I didn't actually, I'm blind, deaf & dumb (not to marginalize any individuals who have such serious issues however!)

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
Really because you just said there is plenty of room and ingenious cable storage with lots of room in the back because of the innovative pushed forward Mb? And many other things you contradicted yourself on.
Despite your insistence, the cable storage is not ingenious. It's good, its functional, but it's not a revolution, it's not unique and it's not innovative (bringing anything new to the table). It borrows ideas that NZXT and countless others have used in a the past and it is a system that works well. For that I give them credit, but it's not the next best thing since sliced bread.

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
"Wireless" fan connections are ridiculous. What an amazing advance. If antec did it people would be sh1tting.
I never said they were crap, I think they are great! Unfortunately I also felt that that this feature was completely under utilized because it ultimately serves no purpose. With users still having to go inside the case to deal with their hard drives, why bother having an easy to access front panel what so ever? It simply adds an additional step to the whole mix of building a PC and adding hard drives. Great idea, poorly implemented in relation to having a purpose besides being cool.

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
You can expect to lose some space with a greater than 11 inch graphics card in any mid tower. Tard.
Hi Tard. If we are now on a first name basis, I'm Keeton.
No, you can expect to lose 3 hard drive spaces with an 11 inch graphics card. If the HDD were perpendicular, I wouldn't be losing any.

Originally Posted by backdownup View Post
"Quote unquote premium noise dampening foam"... yeah if it was the 183 I bet he wouldn't "Quote unqoute"
Quote: "Antec's P180 series uses a thick triple layered side panel incorporating a combination of aluminium and plastic that has proved to be quite effective in its noise dampening capabilities.
The H2 glues 1cm of foam to a metal side panel." Unquote.

Yes, I did poke at this with a bit of "sarcasm" if you will, simply because what was being marketed about the case... and what was delivered in the final product, were - in my opinion - vastly different.

I stand by my sentiments that the NZXT H2 has some excellent concepts, but winds up being underwhelming. I think part of my malcontent with this case is the fact that they gave us a nibble of some great ideas - we saw what the case COULD be - and then it's cruelly snatched away when you go to take the first bite

To NZXT's credit though, they have contacted me directly as they want to work to further to develop their future products, and I think that speaks volumes about the company and their passion for the industry. They've developed plenty of strong selling products in the past,but not every swing is a home run.

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