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Unhappy Corsair H50 RMA issues?


I haven't been tinkering much since I blew my budget (and my wife's patience) so I haven't posted for a bit. But I've seen discussions on RMA process here before. I apologize if this isn't the ideal forum for this topic but it's not entirely off topic since it's a water cooling part that I'm having trouble with and this is a dual part question.

First the trouble: My Corsair H50, like many reported in other forums, has started making that ticking noise that at first sounds like metal shards in the pump but has been explained as simply air bubbles. There's a youtube video by another guy that has the same issue.

I first noticed I was going to have a problem when my overclocked CPU temps started to climb and then I began to get Blue Screens. Next the noise came, to the point that my daughter had to shutdown my comp when she came home from school since it sounded like it was going to self destruct.

When I start it back up the bubbles must get displaced since it no longer makes the noise. The performance of the cooler is no longer what it was before even so.

So the first question is: Has anyone RMA'd one of these before? Does Hardware Canucks have any representatives of Corsair poking around? I tried the RMA form on Corsairs site but they don't even send confirmation by email that you logged a case and it's been a couple of days without contact. I've read that others have experienced this lack of response, which if true is disappointing I though Corsair was a top knotch company. My RMA experience with OCX was much more positive.

The second question is: If I can't get any response from Corsair is there a way that I can DIY fix this issue? Something like bleeding my car brakes to get the air out of the line. The H50 is a closed system as far as I can tell, I don't want to pull the hoses willy nilly. Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in Advance.


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