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Wow. A case that offers so much for a small market

Such a BS rerview.

Reviewer's words are in quotations.

"Giving HOPE that installation will be hassle free" as opposed to

Installation on the X antec/name brand computer WILL be hassle free.

"It cleans up quite nicely and does it quite easily".

Ok then why do you complain later about cable managment.

"It pushed the motherboard tray in slightly for plenty of room in the back and they've provided a great natural cable storage area in behind the harddrive bays."

Seems pretty smart and good to me for a company to do that in this category of case.

"Despite that it looks like a rats nest"....

IT DOES? Where? From the back side that you just commented on? Or from the front? Or did you just want to say rats nest? Have you seen a computer with the back panel off?

"Just don't ask us to add any hardware"...

No? Because I could have sworn you said what you said above. You said it had good cable management and plenty of room. You know what adding hardware means right? You know what a computer is... right? Tons of space inside and behind? uhh... you know... nevermind.

"The silent PC market has very few contenders"

Yeah. It does. And this brings amazing features that YOU mentioned to a market with barely any contenders. They go above and beyond to bring a product that is good to this market instead of insulating a pos NZXT case with "sound retardant foam", They made a brand new case with all these awesome features at a discount price.

"Easy access, quiet operation, the polished look and good value"

Ok? I agree? Realize you did say this. Thennn you go on...

"Had the company been willing to develop the key features of the case, consumers would be willing to pay for it"

Wait... what did you just say? Did you even watch your review? The paint from the plastic front to the side panel?.... OK? that happens with 100 dollar times X cases... that happens with very expensive cases... I doubt that's a huge concern. These silent cases are probably away from view.

Did you read or hear what you said at all in that review, reviewer?

Really because you just said there is plenty of room and ingenious cable storage with lots of room in the back because of the innovative pushed forward Mb? And many other things you contradicted yourself on.

This is a horribly mixed up review of a probably below average case, though good enough, but it's trying to do a good job and listening to customer concerns apparently, with lots of innovative design.

If you don't believe me that the reviewer is out to lunch watch the review and type out what he says, then mix and match his statements.

EDIT: ugh. I just watched it again. Such bullshit.

"Wireless" fan connections are ridiculous. What an amazing advance. If antec did it people would be sh1tting.

You can expect to lose some space with a greater than 11 inch graphics card in any mid tower. Tard.

"Quote unquote premium noise dampening foam"... yeah if it was the 183 I bet he wouldn't "Quote unqoute"

I've browsed these reviews since day one when SKYMTL branched from NCIX forums and created this site. Think I'm done if this continues.

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