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Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post

Also, does it give you access to the full options menu from the get-go? Because what reallyreallyreally pissed me off about shift1 and just ruined it for me was tossing me straight into a race before being able to play with the controls and stuff. (and I very much needed to tweak the settings, that first race was insanely terrible and I am not sure if I can forgive that)

Does it give you an option from the menu to hotlap/practice? Because if it does not then it can go **** right off.
Full options menu from the get go. Have to start career to unlock quick race and stuff though.

No practice option before entering a career race though. I'd imagine you could run through it in quick race though.

And I find the graphics quite decent. Afterall when your speeding around at 200KM/H+, do you really see much?
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