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My System Specs

Default Dell U2711 or U3011 ?

So looking on the dell website the U2711 comes up on sale, $799.00(i know NCIX will PM from Best Direct and i can get it right away, but you lose the 3yr warranty buying outside of dell, NCIX is 1yr) the U3011 a little more.

So my question is to the owners out there, 27 or 30, i mean 30 seems too big, im not a professional user, this is purely for gaming, Ive decided my 3 x 24" Samsung 2494SW are'nt cutting it, and i want something bigger and better. My desk has articulating arms for my monitors and the 27 will fit on one no problem. the depth of my desk is about 30". I'm just looking for some additional input, i mean 900 bones for a LCD monitor seems a bit extreme, but i could swing it.

Do i need to go to S-IPS panel? i know the trend is for 1920x1080.

thanks as always forum members!!!!
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