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Hi All,

@RogersMelanie here from Rogers.

I wanted to provide some details on World of Warcraft and our network management policies.

Firstly, our network management policy makes clear that we only manage upstream P2P traffic on our network. Not doing this would result in a poor experience for everyone as we manage the network to limit spam, viruses and other security threats. This management ensures a high level of service for time-sensitive tasks such as sending email, requesting web pages, video conferencing and voice services. You can find full details about the policy on

Now, on to WoW - what we know today is that there is a problem with our traffic management equipment that is inadvertently slowing the game for some customers. While we have fixed some issues with a software modification, new problems have emerged that we expect will be addressed with a second software update in June.

We believe the problem occurs when P2P is running while simultaneously playing the game. If you are experiencing problems we suggest you turn off the peer to peer setting within the WoW game and ensure no other P2P file sharing applications are running while playing WoW. WoW does use P2P for software updates, but with this setting changed you should continue to automatically receive software updates through other methods.

This is only a temporary solution. We continue to work closely with the game manufacturer and our equipment supplier to help resolve this issue as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience while we have been investigating issues related to World of Warcraft.

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