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I have found there is a threshold to Langouste's utility. On slower bigadv machines like i7's - it's very useful. On faster machines, however, the impact of the lost cycles needed to run Langouste in the background (a couple seconds per frame) quickly adds up and negates any benefit of it. Of course, on anything except bigadv, it's not really all that relevant since the ordinary client will still download a new WU and hold the completed WU(s) in queue when the results server is down.

And this raises some obvious questions about the V7 client: How big is the footprint? How much overhead is there? What is the impact on TPF for all manner of projects? I suspect that there will be a negative impact, which will be largely inconsequential for most machines but significant for the faster ones.

V7 was designed to make setting up folding easier. Since I do not need folding to be any easier, this is not something with which I plan to be an early adopter.
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