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My System Specs


Couple of interesting items;

The new and improved ATI FahCore-16 is not out yet, this is only a new client not new Cores.
VijayPande wrote:

ATI core 16 will be coming out shortly, hopefully this week.
This was posted by Bruce

I just want to highlight a few common questions that a lot of people will have:
  • This is a new client, not new FahCores. With the exception of FahCore_16, you'll still get assignments of the same projects and will earn exactly the same PPD.
  • FAHViewer only works with FahCores which produce a file, so for most people it will show a demo protein.
  • Third party monitoring programs such as HFM and FahMon and FCI have not yet been updated to work with V7.
  • If you configure a Windows service in Win7/Vista, GPUs cannot fold. (Limitation by Microsoft).
  • New WUs will be downloaded not long before the current WU finishes; That WU will start processing while the previous results are being uploaded.
  • A "slot" is a new concept probably best defined by an example. If you have been running several V6 clients on a single OS, you will now be running one FAHClient with several slots.
  • You will probably never use a command-line parameters. With FAHControl, you can change your configuration as needed.
  • The more complex your installation, the more you'll need to read the documentation.
A lot of people seem to be having issues with the new FahViewer especially in Windose so I would avoid using it.

Stanford has opened the bug-tracking system for read-only access if you want to see if your problem is being addressed here; v7 Client, Open Tickets Ordered by Milestone and Priority
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