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Originally Posted by Stock View Post
The AD700's aren't bad for most music genres, but if you listen to rap or hip hop you'll lose out on "oomph" (bass).

The best all-around headphones I've ever used are Beyer DT 880 and DT 990. A lot of people like the 880's more, but I just sounds more fun on my DT 990. Try to find a store where you can test run some headphones with your mp3 player!
Just keep in mind the 880's are semi-open and the 990's are fully open. Pick up the 770s for a closed set. Pay attention to which ohm rating you get with these. It ranges from 32obm - 600ohm. If you're running it from your comps onboard or a midrange soundcard, I'd get the 80 ohm ones.

The ATH M50's aren't bad either. I picked up my DT770s for comfort first and good quality audio second.
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