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Originally Posted by dma0991 View Post
Getting a new processor and a motherboard just for a few percent performance advantage is unnecessary. Unless changing from a LGA1156 to LGA1155 will bring 2x more performance it is better that you just stick to using your Core i5 750 till the following generation that is coming somewhere in 2013.

What I think is worth your money is that you add 4GB more RAM, get a 60GB SSD as a boot drive or upgrade your GC to a GTX560 Ti or HD6950 1GB. You could also OC your Core i5 750 a little bit more to squeeze a little bit more performance out of it since you're running it with a Corsair H50.
Haha thanks dma0991, im planning on overclocking the i5-750 but i dont know how too atm, so i'm gna research on how too :D
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