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Originally Posted by Mr. Cipher View Post
nice to know that sharing in Vista is the same as it was in XP sp2. Thats the method I use when I want to add everyone, or specific users.

@Wannabe: One workaround is to add the user on the computer you want to share the drive on, and then when you connect from your other computer, enter the username/password of the user you selected that was on the computer with the shared drive.

Oh and 10,000 points if that did not confuse you.
10,000 points for me.

I thought about his but do I want to have to enter a password every time I want to use my media drive? I really fail to see why this has to be so hard. Microshaft really needs to rethink some of the things they do. Its one thing to have it turned off by default, but another entirely to make near impossible without an MCSE course under your belt.
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