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Originally Posted by BMAN69 View Post
I'm in the middle of putting together my first water cooling setup; using the Rasa 750 RX360 (not too different from the RS240-only bigger), there are a few places to go if you're just getting into water cooling + wanting to know more about the Rasa kit from XSPC.

1) Dazmode's Complete Watercooling Guide (part 1 - Part 8) YouTube - DazMode's Channel I watched his video guide over and over, so that I wouldn't be completely blind going into this experience

2) Dasmode's YouTube Channel (EK H30 vs XSPC Rasa 750) YouTube - DazMode's Channel

3) review of the XSPC Rasa750 RS240 XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 Water Cooling Kit
Alright thanks! I get a look at these. I am not rushed actually i still waiting for the others pieces to come in. Already got my case and PSU.

I am using a 650W psu and wont go SLI or anything. Do you think this is enough with such watercooling system ?
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