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My System Specs


I'm in the middle of putting together my first water cooling setup; using the Rasa 750 RX360 (not too different from the RS240-only bigger), there are a few places to go if you're just getting into water cooling + wanting to know more about the Rasa kit from XSPC.

1) Dazmode's Complete Watercooling Guide (part 1 - Part 8) YouTube - DazMode's Channel I watched his video guide over and over, so that I wouldn't be completely blind going into this experience

2) Dasmode's YouTube Channel (EK H30 vs XSPC Rasa 750) YouTube - DazMode's Channel

3) review of the XSPC Rasa750 RS240 XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 Water Cooling Kit

Although some have stated in the past that they have done a leak test before installing the setup in their computer; then you'll have to dismantle the setup to install it anyway, and this will defeat the purpose of doing the test outside (as there will be a chance of missing a connection during the 2nd install - leading to a leak).
I'm with the others (who will chime in soon); and say that it's best to install everything into your 600T, and perform the leak test then.
I found it very helpful also to read through the watercooling guide listed here Water Cooling Guide for Beginners Overclockers Tech (just skip past the parts about the equipment and go down to installing/ testing).
while you're on dazmode's YouTube Channel; take a look at some of his other vids, there's one for performing a leak test, among others.

Is it hard to assemble?
Not really; there's documentation showing how to install the CPU block (and a few other things), I didn't read through it, because I'm installing an AMD CPU, and it doesn't have any stuff regarding AMD in the install guide.
Just take your time installing everything; plus, you'll always have people here that will assist you whenever you need help
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