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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post

1025 folding stable, but then again I'm throwing a fair amount of extra core voltage towards it. Temps max out at 65c, but that's an internal install with 100% fan.

Definitely yes on the -advmethods (sometimes hit over 20K PPD), but I'm not so sure about the forceasm.... what's it supposed to do?

Strangely enough, 1025 has been 24/7 folding stable since I got the card, but I've got to drop it down below 1K to play Civ IV.... go figure.
I can't get to the Fah-wiki right now but IIRC -forceasm is an old CPU client flag, the SMP client ignores it.

It should do nothing for a GPU client.

Man I've got to start playing Civ again, it's only been 3 years....
Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
I'm trying to stay with stock volts. I'll increase on step at a time then.

20k ppd? Which WUs? Because this card only folded P6801s since yesterday (when I started), and average is 14k ppd.
20k is probably on those super-fast units (p109xx and p112xx) that still pop-up every now and then, all they care about is Speed...
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