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My System Specs

Default PSU Recommendations

I am looking for a new PSU, my current one is fine but has about 4 years of regular use.

I have been reading reviews of all kinds, some really nice PSU information on Hardware Secrets, and lastly would like some referrals from the HWC community.

I have a i7 930, 2x GTX 560 Ti OCs, 3x 2GB DDR3 1600, 2x 500 WD Black and quite a fans, USB devices and so on.

I was using a Tagan BZ-700W, a beautiful beast that has served me well. I would buy an 800W Tagan if I could find one retail.

I was thinking about a 750W - 850W Corsair, Seasonic or Silverstone. Must be modular.
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