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My System Specs


Well this isn't a manufacturer but I was highly impressed with dealing with them on an RMA/product replacement

Company Name: Memory Express
Product: OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD
Warranty Period: (manufacturer warranty)
Date purchased: Dec 28 2010
Date RMAed: early ~Feb 2011
Where it was sent to: Canada, Alberta, Calgary
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: Nope, they even reimbursed me my shipping
Wait time: maybe 3-4 business days once they got it
Details: I bought the their Instant Product Instore Replacement because even though I don't live in Calgary my parents do (hence I was there for Christmas) and I figured I'd just mail them the drive if anythign went wrong. It does of course so I phoned them up and they simply said to mail them the drive, my sales receipt (if I had it, otherwise they can look me up in the system) and my shipping reciept and they'd take a look. I was in no rush so I shipped it standard Canada Post so it took sme time to get there. Once it arrived they phoned me to say they got it and were wondering what was wrong because I had simply sent them a bare drive, a sales reciept and my contact info with no explanation which is my bad. I explained that the drive had simply stopped working and the steps I went to through to test it (try a different SATA port, try other drives, etc..) and they said they'll take a look. Couple days later I get a call and they say they've shipped off a replacement and emailed me a form to fill out so they could refund my shipping onto my credit card. The cost of the replacement plan was about the same as it would have cost me to ship it had I been in a rush so it was a good deal. I've never dealt with OCZ's RMA(or really anyone's for that matter, I'm normally a lucky sob with hardware) but with the treatment I got from these guys I have no problem paying the extra little bit on any product I buy from them (and I will buy from them again) so I never have to.
Satisfaction: 10
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