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My System Specs


After further thought I realize now that my 570 SLI should NOT have an issue with dirt 2 at 6144X1152.

Look at the GTX590 review that SKY posted (specifically the "Surround/Eyefinity Gaming Performance" section: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 3GB Review His 570 SLI setup did not have an issue with Dirt 2 and that uber res.

I looked my GPU usage and found that something is up with Dirt 2 + Sli. Look at this pic of GPU usage while gaming in SLI with no vsync... something is seriously wrong.

I would love to be able to ask SKYMTL what he does to get it to work for him in all his reviews!!

I then tried playing with Surround enabled and this is what it looks like. The first portion is much like it was with SLI. The second portion of the graph looks much better... what is the difference you ask? The difference is that I Alt-Entered and ran the game in windowed mode (as large as I can make the window).

I have tried googling a solution to this mess but and yet to come across any. If anyone (ahem... SKYMTL) has a solution please help me out.

FWIW I have tried my steam version of the game as well as a stand alone. With the stand alone I tried with and without patch 1.1. I have tried manually creating an SLi profile as well. Currently using 266.58.
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