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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
A cars Donut, said by the manufacturer is rated for 80KM/h. If you go on the 400 Series Highway, do 100KM/h and blow the donut, its your fault. Not the designs fault. You surpassed its rating.
And the Donut will go before the car goes. Its the first in contact.
But in that case you go and buy a donut designed for racing, one with a speed rating of 300KM/h+.
Those 80KM/h donuts were not racing donuts.
This card is not, or rather, *should not* be a pedestrian hohum card. It is literally the fastest, most expensive, highest end of Nvidia's offerings. It is targeted at the people who push the limits. This is no 80KM/h donut.

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Same can be said for the card. you are going 40% past its design spec and you act suprised that the Power Delivery fails?
That means the card is designed incorrectly.

I would not bring this up if it was the core getting toasted. The problem is that you cannot push the core to it's full potential. I can live with the core itself blowing before anything else, but the power delivery death should have been avoided.

Take my PC for example, I have an overkill PSU considering the rest of my parts. Despite being first, my PSU will not(unless defective) die before other internal parts as a result of internal power draw. If I had used an insufficient PSU then of course it would have died first when my other components were using too much power..

You do not build a dual i7 & quad gfx rig with a low wattage PSU.

You do not build your flagship enthusiast card with questionable power delivery components.
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