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My System Specs

Default 570SLI needs larger frame buffer at 6144X1152 (NVsurround)?

570 SLi seems to not have enough vram to game at that res. One of my favorite games to play is Dirt2 and soon to be Dirt 3 (I assume). I thought that Dirt2 would be awesome with NVsurround. I tried playing yesterday and my FPS are not good. I turned AA off and even started to lower other settings to no avail. I need 60 min FPS constant not 30ish.

I am not sure what to do now, get 6950 2GB CFX or just get a U2711, keep the 570 SLI and ditch multi panel gaming? Look at the rest of my system specs, you will see that they are not at fault (IMHO).

What do you guys think?
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