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Default Is this too big a gift?

-a pair of xfx 6850s for 180$ (i could also get only one at 120$ but think the pair is a better deal considering he will be playing on a 27inch 1080p)

-MSI 870A-G54 + OEM Phenom II x4 955BE (no fan) for 170$

-Some adata 4gb ddr3 dual channel 1600mhz ram at 25$

-and a 250gb WD black at 25$

Now what I would be missing are:

-Heatsink: thinking of the 18$ OCZ vendetta 2 at direct canada (what i am currently using on my 955 for 4ghz OC at about 50C load temps)

-Case: something generic but not bad at about 60$ (haf912/Z9+/etc)

-PSU: some decent ~750W unit at about 70$

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