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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 10e View Post
The one from FAH-ADDICT.NET is of no real consequence.

People with 24 cores or less are having more success with BFS (Brain F*** scheduler) and Tear's "Affinity Wrapper" also known as Kraken that he posted on AMDZone Frontpage forums.

For AMD psychos like me with more than 24 cores, only the Kraken is showing better performance. BFS is not helping because it doesn't scale well past 24 cores (seemingly).

For Sandy Bridge, loading up Ubuntu 10.10 as per this guide is a good start, and then adding the CK patches for BFS shown here and then the kraken should be a big WIN

Linux versus Windows - bigadv folding results - Page 13 - [H]ard|Forum
I just read the post. Seams doable...don't know why I didn't just figure that out for myself.....O_o Guess Linux is not quite mainsteam yet....but that is also why it is better for folding I expect. I'll give it a whirl tomorrow after my 2600K get done the unit it is on. If I post a picture of a case of beer...things are not going well...
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