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My System Specs


This is excellent. My i7 980x at 4.075 Ghz is getting 68K PPD on p6901s with Ubuntu 10.10 on it right now, so you are doing really well using a VM.

I'd be really interested in seeing what it would do with Linux NOT in a VM.

I'm sitting tight until BullDOZER but this is great info.

Very impressive. Keep up the good folding(s)

Originally Posted by Charloz24 View Post
I replaced the motherboard Gigabyte P67a-UD3 of my main rig 2600K (chipset recall) and I ordered an MSI P67a-GD65 B3. Been tweaking it a lot and for now I have a better overclock of both my CPU (4800mhz VS 4700mhz) and also my ram (1600mhz 9-9-9-24 before, 1833mhz 7-9-7-24 now).

Now to the folding, Linux client using VMware it's getting 57 000 ppd on a P6901! There is also a GTX460 folding on the same rig, so maybe it could be a tad higher.

Next goal, 60 000ppd

Xeven: How about 10^8.450980400142567e-001 -as a possible replacement for "10e"
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