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Originally Posted by Zink View Post
That's amazing. I think a 460 would definitely take away at least 5kppd and I wonder what the performance hit of the VM is? Please post native linux numbers if you have time.
I can't wait until I upgrade past the old 45nm i7 chips.
On the website that I download the Linux folding image ( here are their finding:

Version 1.5.0 has been updated to use client v6.34 and core A5 which reenables bigadv support under Linux and also includes the latest version of tear's Langouste. This version also supports running SMP2 and one or more instances of the uni-processor client. This image includes 4.0.4 Virtualbox additions. Initially testing has shown frame times at 30:28 running project 6091 via a 920 @ 3.8 GHz and using -smp 8. As a comparison, the frame times in native Linux using the same configuration are at 29:53.
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