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Originally Posted by Wi-Fuzzy View Post
found this on the google. Find that file in your computer and copy it or it is telling you it is in folding@home-gpu, then......

Go to,
C:\Users\your user name\AppData
go to roaming,
go into fold@home-gpu,
Copy and paste Cudart32_30_14.dll into folding@home in your programfiles(x86) folder.

If you are like me it will then ask you for cufft32_30_14.dll.
Repeat process above,
its in the same place.
I believe those locations are only used by the Systray client, the Console client should keep all the files in whichever folder you install it in.
Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
Yep I did. Latest are 266.58. I previously had a 9600GT. I did a clean install of the NVIDIA drivers.

I searched around a bit more and it's that Folding@Home is missing the required files to fold on the GTX 460. It seems that as long as I can find the files, then everything is good to go. It's not a driver problem.

Btw I saw that site, but there was nothing in AppData. Which is why I posted.
Try downloading the older client from;

Then update the exe from: Folding@home - Folding@home - My Folding Page

My 460's have worked fine from day1, just install them in a folder directly on your drive, not in the program files directory.

Hope that helps...
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