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Default Quick question for Eyefinity

I am currently waiting on my crossfire board to come in, but I have two 6870s that I will be crossfiring. I just had an opportunity to order 3 screens all the same size make etc... My question is, since each card only has two ports that are the same, can I use two DVI ports on the first card and one DVI port on the 2nd crossfired card and have it work in a eyefinity group. I would just try it myself before deciding on a monitor, but it is taking forever for my board to ship.

2nd question, I usually buy Samsung monitors but the price on this model has peaked my interest. ASUS VW224U for $136, any better suggestions for this price range? I use my pc for work 90% of the time, but do like to game it up every now and again when life is not nuts. I am looking at a 3 monitor hookup, I would be happy with a smaller monitor, but pricing makes it pointless... as it is 3 of these are 1.5Meters across. I will be rigging up wall mounts to hold the monitors hopefully with a bit of a curve on the 2 outside monitors. I do a lot of remote server work so if I could dedicated two remote sessions/monitoring to the outside monitors that leaves normal desktop in the center. Then eyefinity in games is just a perk, and having just played with two monitors in eyefinity, you need three... or else the bezels get in the way of the center of the screen...where all the action happens.

Any suggestions welcomed on monitor choice.

*** Edit ***

I see I need a active display port adapter, so now its just thoughts on those monitors.

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