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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Hacksaw907 View Post
Hm... Those don't look too bad, actually, especially that Denon set. I'm not really up to getting that Onkyo as it uses a passive subwoofer, and I'm not interested in the Yamaha as the previous Yamaha set I bought had a faulty subwoofer and receiver.

Would it really be better to get that system over the speaker and receiver set that I picked? It is cheaper, that's for sure, but I was under the impression that only a basic receiver is needed, and the sound quality depends largely on the speakers that you get (well, given that the receiver meets their requirements).
I had considered a Sony reciever for my living room (I too stick to pretty minimal budgets) but I found too many bad threads on them. I think most were with overheating and thus failure. Possibly some HDMI issues too. Maybe the current stuff is better as this was about 2 years ago, but I ended up a Yamaha one (I believe it was $250 on Boxing Day).

And I do agree, that Yamaha set isn't the greatest. I had bought that on this Boxing Day only to have a DOA receiver. I exchanged it a few days later for the 3028 model which worked perfectly yet only had different satellites (larger and made of wood rather than plastic). However my 3028 sounds pretty decent for $400.

There's also this, though it's a bit more money: Home Audio: Home Theatre Package Systems (HTIB): Harman/Kardon 5.1 Audio/Video (AVR154HTIB) | Visions Electronics

It's totally up to you though. I'd say Future Shop/Best Buy return policies are much more beneficial if you get it home and you end up not liking how it sounds. Shipping speakers back to the USA and paying restocking at CC would make you pretty much stuck with what you bought.
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