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My System Specs


Originally Posted by techman95 View Post
oh ok i see what your saying because i already have my ram at 1600 ( its max) and moving the base clock up also changing the clock on the ram. so i should be good if i just set it down to my motherboards native ram clock of 1333. ok ill try it and see if it works and ill report back and tell yall if it worked

I highly recommend reading and using the guide I linked to, using those basic principles will allow you to overclock you AMD system to its maximum potential. Plus once you learn the principle it will allow you to overclock just about any AMD system with ease.

Honestly it is the same basic way I have been doing my AMD systems for years ( sure some step were not necessary back in the xp days)and you hardly ever see me in here posting about how to get my clocks higher. Not tooting my horn but simply saying with a good methodagy you wont need to be asking questions as offton. ( He-he damn sub-timing have got me more than once)

If you have trouble as you go post back, but is isnt something you end up doing in a day.

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