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Originally Posted by xd_1771 View Post
There are ways to force addon compatibility with the newest firefox. This one seems simple and could probably work on firefox 4 anyway. I do that with a lot of my addons.
Tried that both during beta stage and now with RC1, no-go.
Most of the time I do not access the addons I use; I also try to use as few as possible. My biggest problem is that even with status4ever, the URLs shown in the status bar get truncated and setting it to allow a higher char count does not work. Somewhere there is a hardcoded size limit for addons in the 'addon bar'.

Granted, with Firefox Throttle I do hover my cursor over it sometimes but my cursor is all over my screen anyway and it is not frequent enough to bother me. I fuckin love that addon though, it is pure awesome. I can see how much BW FF is using at any time, I can see how much it has used during the current session, and if I am on someone else's connection or I have someone I like over here on my shitty one I can be a courteous person and not hog the BW if I have HTTP downloads going.

It is just handy to have around, if some page is assraping my connection even though it otherwise appears to have fully loaded I can kill it or hunt for whatever the embedded shit is that is sucking up my BW and block it.(this happens when people like to put small flash based things on their site that auto-load, for example. I have no tolerance for that.)

Originally Posted by xd_1771 View Post
FF4's UI can still be modified and made no different from the original firefox.
I know, but it still just feels wrong and having to change everything on each of my machines from here on out is lame. I am also concerned that eventually they might say "that's it, this is how we want it and we want every install of firefox to be consistent for the sake of our retarded users" then reduce the available options.(think Apple)

The only only good thing about FF4 is that they seem to have at least a partial handle on that memory leak that FF has had since forever.
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