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My System Specs


I like the way you guys are thinking. I just haven't been around the computer block enough to know what is the best way to go. There is a definite speed difference between a 1366 / i7-930 and a 1156 / i3-550. Not that the last one is slow per say, just slower than the other. I guess ultimately it is about how much money I want to throw at it.

I will say this, since I found Hardware Canucks and I started building these little buggers, I have been having a lot of fun. Learning a lot. Makes me smile.

Also thinking about usb 3.0. The annoying thing about my 1366 set up is the USB 3.0 outputs are on the back of the motherboard where the keyboard and mouse connectors are so I have had to route the cable from the back of the computer, back into the computer to hook up to the HAF X front panel connectors. Are there any mother boards where you can get USB 3.0 off the board and not the back panel that hangs outside the computer? Not sure if I am explaining that well.
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