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Default looking for some input on 5.1 headsets

So my bday is commin up and i want to treat myself with a new pair of 5.1 headphones, specifically for GAMING. Also i would like to be able to use it on my PS3 as well. Right now i have an altec lansing 2.1 connected to my ps3 (via composite cables to aux input on the speakers remote controle) and pc.

my price point is $150, 200 if its justifiable.

currently i have a sound blaster x-fi xtreme audio sound card. Now i know some headsets offer a usb soundcard that comes with it, i would consider this if only my soundcard wasnt up to snuff to emulate 5.1/7.1, but im pretty sure it is.

ive looked at the corsair hs1s, Turtle Beach EarForce DPX 21, RAZER Megalodon 7.1, and some creatives, steelseries, and trittons, and even reading thro many reviews of each, im still not sure which 1s to get.

I play mostly FPS, l4d2, bfbc2 (who else is excited for BF3?) arma 2 so positioning is important. I also play Rift as well as alot of different rpgs (looking forward to Witcher 2!!!!) so audio quality is important to me too. My gaming is split between my pc and ps3, as much as i am a pc gamer, some games on the ps3 are fantastic (uncharted, killzone etc) therefore i would like to use these headsets for my ps3 as well.

in conclusion - price 150 (200 maybe), PC and PS3 compatible, preferably not usb

i dont know enough to make a decision on my own, so i kindly ask some fellow canucks for some help...thx
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