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My System Specs


Socket 1366 is for enthusiasts who wants to overclock and e-penor I'd say that the X58 systems are not worth considering as it has a lot of features that your child does not need.

Socket 1156 is good but considering what you can get for almost the same price with SB it makes a whole lot less attractive especially when the price did not drop much when SB came into the market. Not to mention that it is about the end of life for the Socket 1156 and I do not expect there would be anymore new processor models made for this socket.

Socket 1155 however is a good choice. The B3 stepping boards are out already and the Cougar Point chipset is fixed. I would say getting a Core i5 2500K + P67 motherboard would be a good choice as it has 4 strong physical cores and a good overclocking potential. With that your kid could learn how to overclock as well. I've owned computers that cannot be overclocked at all and it gets boring very fast. Kinda fun to tinker with the settings a little and see things load a little bit faster. OC is a drug
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