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My System Specs


Originally Posted by dustin1706 View Post
I just hooked up dual monitors (not identical) on my 2x 5870s today. Both monitors plugged into my top (primary) card.

Go into CCC - Desktop Management - Creating and Arranging Desktops. Put the monitors however you want them (on the proper side of each other). Right click on your primary monitor that you want to game on and click "make primary". Then right click your secondary and click "extend".

This did the trick for me. Then I seemed to have a problem with the main screen flickering when running 2D apps (movies, loading screens in games etc...) 3D ran fine. Turns out that to get rid of the flickering you need to keep the cards running consistent clocks. By that I mean that your idle, 2d and 3d clocks need to be set the same. I did this using MSI Afterburner. Sucks to not be able to let the cards idle down when just surfing the net etc. (or to have to adjust clocks manually....)
That's why the 6990 has very high idle power consumption when you add additional monitors :) To prevent the screen flicker.
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