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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Prime95 still going fine, no errors, been almost an hour .
Guess what you folks are getting at, is I may be able to find the "sweet Spot", between 1.25v and 1.3v?, perhaps 1.275 or so?

Take it the "Blue Screen" with "Windows Error" is common when OC'ing?

Thanks guys!
What everyone is looking for is this: Making your machine run as cool as possible while as fast as possible....remember...more voltage = more heat! So yeah...when OC''ll see quite a few blue screens! Mostly they have to do with memory errors...but in your case it is most likely that the CPU does not get enough power. That causes the CPU to crash while working on such a huge workload. Once this "stress test" is over without any issues, see if you can lower the voltage a bit and try again. If it crashes before you up it a little! Good Luck!
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