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My System Specs


Should the 2 Core Temps show the same?
Prime 95 Running now for approx 3hrs Small FTT and yes, both windows are open, 3 actually and the Temps are:
Core 1 48c
Core 2 44c

My present config:
"Unlinked" FSB 1515 Mhz Multiplier 9x = 1515/4 x 9 = 3.4 Ghz
Memory 4-4-4-12 1T Command Rate
Only Voltages set Manually are:
vCore 1.225v
Memory 2.1v
All other Voltages are "Auto"

Do you think its critical to get those Core Temps even? I simply don't feel up to 'strippin her down again"

The Zalman is actuallly impressing me as this equated to a reduction in Core Temp at these same settings as yesterday of bout -17 - 20c to the wonderful worl of you folks would say!

I guee next will be to up my FSB to 1600 and see if my Voltage of 1.225v can handle 3.6Ghz?
To be quite honest, I'm not really sure what my Stock Voltages are....

Thanks again! BTW, got the Zalman for $59 @ DC, as usual, they p[ulled through with delivery in less than 48 Hrs!!
It was difficult to choose the HSF as I had to look for something not only compatible with my 780i, but laso my Raidmax Smilidon..

Thanks for the help!! Much appreciated!

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