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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
From my experience, Alienware uses VERY good quality PSUs but that isn't the question here.

There are several issues you many encounter when replacing a PSU in one of their cases. First of all, they use standard ATX PSUs with identical pin-outs but due to the custom nature of their cases, cable lenghts may be longer or shorter than the norm. Shorter shouldn't cause an issue but make sure you measure the cable lengths prior to ordering a new PSU just in case some are longer.

Also, Alienware products have been known to have custom mounting hole locations for PSUs from time to time. So you may have to physically drill into the case to create standard mounting hole locations.
Yeah I won't have a problem with cable length, the cables are all quite small, it's an IDE setup as I said earlier so I would like to figure out if the graphics card is AGP or PCI-E since this guy wants to upgrade w/e he can and I can find a decent AGP card out there. The motherboard is pretty fancy though, it's got custom north bridge and south bridge fans, still need to test this PSU out though, my main problem is my living rooms a huge mess haha...I got boxes I still haven't opened from last year of crap I've ordered...I'm a terrible hoarder.
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