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My System Specs

Cool New Zalman 9700 LED Installed...

Hey folks,
Just had my new Zalman installed and I'm a little confused as to the Temps I'm now reading....
With my Stock HSF, running Prime 95 version 25.6 Small FFT:
Processor - approx 53 degrees
Core 1 approx 61c - 68 degrees
Core 2 approx 58c - 63c

My idle Temps for both Cores was 42c and CPU 36

With my Zalman, idle Temps for both Cores still shows 42c, however CPU shows 30c
Under load running Prime95 version 25.5 Small FFT and OC to 3,4Ghz, vCore 1.225
Processor - approx 46c
Core0 48c
core1 43 - 44c

Am I running Prime95 properly? Is it testing both Cores? I am simply opening it, and selecting Torture Test from the Menu, then selecting Small FTT...

I tried the other Stress Program, OCCTPT and when I ran it, it only showed one Core being tested, is thier a way to test both Cores?

Perhaps this Zalman is doing the job?!
Also, in HWMonitor, with Prime 95 running I get:
CPU VCore 1.18v
Core 0 48c Max 49c
Core1 43c Max 45c

I'm presently running my Zalman at about 1/4 Speed (thats 1/4 relative to Max)
Seems odd to me that their is a drop of almost 10c in the CPU Temp at idle, but the Cores still show 42c at idle?

Any comments would be much appreciated!


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