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Default ATI driver crash

A little of a head scratcher.

New rig,
X58 Sabertooth
6 GB Patriot Sector 7
Antec 650W PS (old)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Kingston 64GB SSD (old)

Everything stock. ATI driver kept crashing. First crash was within the first hour of fresh install and goes on 3 to 4 times everyday. WhoCrashed reported atimdag.sys is the culprit. Sometimes display will flicker and windows recovers (with message at the bottom) but most of the time it is just blue, white or purple screen even doing the simplest of tasks, internet browsing. Played a game for 2 hours straight or ran Furmark for an hour and no crash. Sometimes screen will go to solid color at boot and Windows welcome sound is still audible. I have this rig for a week now and only a day that it didn't crash, I am getting sick of trying anything else about the driver.

Old rig,
4 GB Patriot DDR2-800
and same everything

Fresh install to a Seagate 320GB SATA drive. It's been roughly 8 hours, constant restart, ran Furmark for an hour, no crashes or BSOD so far.

Could it be the SSD? Could it be the motherboard board? Could it be the RAMs? Could it be the power supply?

Throw in whatever you can think of.

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